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Rabu, 08 Agustus 2012

S/W Release of WizFi Shield for Arduino

WizFi shield uses Wiz820io, WizFi210 module and supports the Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity simultaneously.
1. Hardware
a)    Ethernet
-. Wiz820io is connected with SPI signals.
-. Other signals
  • /SS_WIZ (Input): SPI slave chip select signal
  • /RESET_WIZ (Input): H/W reset signal
  • PWDN (Input): Set power down mode
  • /INT_WIZ (Output): Interrupt signal
WIZ820io Interface
WIZ820io Interface
b)   Wi-Fi
-. WizFi210 module is connected with SPI signals
-. Other signals
  • /SS_WIFI(Input): SPI slave chip select signal
  • FAC_RST (Input): Factory reset
  • GPIO19 (Output): If this signal is high, indicate the data in the receive buffer in the WizFi210
  • WIFI_RST (Input): Reset signal
WizFi210 Interface
WizFi210 Interface
c)    Hardware description
WizFi Shield Hardware description
WizFi Shield Hardware description
  • a: WizFi210 Factory Reset button
  • b: Power LED
  • c: Reset button
  • d: Power LED of WizFi210
  • e: Pin header: Select RUN mode or F/W update mode of WizFi210
  • f: Pin header: UART Interface of WizFi210
  • g: LEDs: Indicate the operation of WizFi210
  • h: Antenna

2.    How to test?
a)    Test environments
Test environment

. WizFi Shield gets the IP address using DHCP and works as TCP server.
-. Laptop connects to it. After the connection is established, the data between the laptop and WizFi shield is transparent.

Screen shot

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