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Selasa, 10 Juli 2012

WizFi - The Easiset Way to Connect Devices to the Internet, Wirelessly

WizFiTM - The Easiset Way to Connect Devices to the Internet, Wirelessly
Launching WLAN AP Module, WizFi630
WIZnet is releasing the WizFi630, a high-performance 802.11b/g/n embedde Wi-Fi module. WizFi630 enables an embdded device with RS-232 serial interace to connect to TCP/IP network through Wi-Fi. As it has an switch inside for IP-Router function, WizFi630 operates as a Serial to Wi-Fi gateway and access point simultanesouly.
  • Complies with IEEE802.11 b/g/n
  • Data Rate : up to 150Mbps (Effective Rate : up to 90Mbps)
  • Operation Mode : Gateway, AP, AP-Client, Client, AD-HOC
  • Interface : 2 UARTs and 3 Ethernet
  • Easy Configuration : Built-In Web Server, Serial command, Windows Utility
  • CE, FCC, KCC Certified

WizFi630 Application References

  • Application : 4G LTE Repeater
  • WizFi630 Operation Mode : Serial to Wi-Fi & Access Point
  • For the management and upgrade of the repeater, WizFi630 provides serial to Wi-Fi gateway function. As it operates as AP mode, it also enables the laptop or smart phone to access to repeater without using additional Access Point.

  • Application : Hotel Room Controller
  • WizFi630 Operation Mode : Ethernet to Wi-Fi & AP-Client
  • In the hotel room control system, WizFi630 operates as AP-Client mode to provide multi-networking environment by combining Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. Users can control lighting, TV or any electric devices in the room through Wi-Fi, and connect to Internet as well.

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