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Jumat, 01 Juni 2012

WIZ820io - Embedded Internet is just one plug away!

Launchpad Ethernet Booster Pack
Rob is a booster pack engieer who is active in, the site for MSP430 news, projects and forums. He is using the WIZnet W5200 chip, a hardware TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller that enables easier Internet connection. For the Booster Pack, he has been using WIZ820io board that is based on W5200 chip.

  • More detail about his project and web server test video
  • To keep track of his build thread

  • OpenKontrol Gateway Wiznet Ethernet Kit

    CISECO developed the OpenKontrol Gateway, the platform for IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Example source code and schematic are avaialbe for Open Hardware. It supports WiFi, low power RF, Ethernet and Bluetooth. WIZnet's WIZ820io is used to add the Ethernet connectivity to the OpenKontrol Gateway.

  • More detail about OpenKontrol Gateway & Ethernet Kit
  • More detail about WIZ820io & W5200

  • WIZnet Products & Technology Update

    WIZ107SR & WIZ108SR Hardware & Firmware Upgrade
    For the better performance and customer's convenience, WIZnet updgrades the hardware and software of WIZ107SR & WIZ108SR.
    1) Version Information
    For the revised PCBs, the upgraded versions of fimrware (V4.1 or above) should be used.
    2) Revision Description

  • Support the operation temperature for industrial range from -40 to 85C

  • Reinforce ESD protection by adding TVS arrays on the RJ-45 side.

  • Change main MCU from W7100 to W7100A due to discontinuance of W7100

  • Support serial signals for 3.3V TTL level (Optional)

  • Booting time(Initialization delay)

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