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Kamis, 03 Mei 2012

WIZnet News- iMCU W7200 which based on ARM 32bit Cortex M3 has been launched.

The network control chip iMCU W7200 with fully hardwired TCP/IP protocol stack, which is based on ARM 32bit Cortex M3, is born. Hello, everybody. We are very grateful for your support and attention. As expected, WIZnet has launched it new product iMCUTM W7200 in 2012. Also, a new SPI function is added to the serial-to-wireless modules WizFi210/WizFi220, which has super low power consumption. The detailed information about our products is as follows. New launched product- iMCUTM W7200
WIZnet has launched a new ARM 32bit Cortex M3 chip—iMCU W7200. iMCU W7200 is a single chip micro-controller, which integrates Cortex-M3, 20KB SRAM and a fully hardwired TCP/IP core. Therefore, it realizes high performance and convenience for developing. The ARM’s Cortex M3 processor is a new generation ARM processor for embedded systems. It has been developed into a platform which can offer low cost, so that it meets the requirements of reducing pin number and low power consumption. The TCP/IP protocol core is a market accepted hardwired TCP/IP protocol stack with integrated Ethernet MAC and PHY. Please refer to WIZnet home page for more information about iMCUTM W7200: Updated products—added SPI function in WizFi210 and WizFi220
WIZnet’s Wi-Fi modules with super low power consumption: WizFi210 and WizFi220, both of them can connect with host micro-controller through SPI. Wi-Fi modules work as a slave to communicate with the master SPI controller. It supports SPI mode 0, 8bit data character size and 200KHz clock speed.

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