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Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

W5200 Arduino Ethernet Library

W5200 is an embedded controller chip of fully hardwired TCP/IP. It can easily realize network connection for embedded systems using SPI.

Compared with W5100, W5200has the following advantages:
Support high speed SPI bus (maximum 80MHz);
Support 8 independent sockets with connection simultaneously;
Provide power-down mode and wake-up mod;
48 pin QFN Package

If you have used Arduino Ethernet shield (with W5100), then you will only need to modify two files (W5100.c, W5100h) to change W5100 into W5200 easily.

You can download the files from, then put the new files in Arduino IDE “/library/Ethernet/Application program” folder. Then, change the old files to new W5100.cpp and W5100.h.

For simplicity, I just used the same file name. The following picture shows the circuit for testing the library.

In this circuit, there is no PWDN or nINT signal.

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