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Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

Learn SCM (Single Chip Machine) in college. What can it help us in the future? What can we do? How is the future of SCM?

In college, we have learned or had some experience about SCM, but what kind of job are you looking for? I think everyone wants to know about the future of SCM. Today, I have searched some material to share with everyone, and hope to have some inspiration to those who have this kind of confusion.

I cannot give you some professional advises or suggestions about the academic details about SCM development and career direction, but as an ordinary person who has graduated from college and started career, I want to share with you guys about my opinions.

In China, the college education is almost a failure. I don’t think this will be improved in a relatively long time. Although graduated from a famous college which has a perfect reputation of academy, such as Harbin Industrial University, Dalian University of Technology and Tsinghua University, it is still very likely that you can not be an engineer that can work for the famous enterprises like google, Microsoft and IBM. It is a common phenomenon in China higher education that the content of education is obsolete and lack of academic passion. It is also the same in computer major fields.

To tell you this, it doesn’t mean that you should abandon yourselves. The important thing that I want to share with you guys is that I hope you can make good use of the resource, read more professional literatures from other countries, understand deeply about every course, and keep in pace with the development of the world. It is sure better if you can go into a company and take part in practical projects. You can try to get this kind of opportunities from your teacher. Generally, you will have more channels of yourselves to participate in projects. For those students who have started their major courses, and have experienced the chaos in their freshmen year, they should start to plan for their future career life, but you should be clear about whether you have enough perseverance and determination to root in your major. No matter what major, there is no shortcut. The so called 10000 hours theory is telling the same thing.

Some students may ask about which technology will be popular and which will not, especially computer major students. I have mentioned above, the computer education of colleges in China may enhance your idea that it is useless to study. Here I will give you some suggestions. Don’t stick to which technology will be eliminated and which will be popular, because none of the technologies is from nowhere. They must be developed from the basis of previous people. Don’t treat study like gambling, which you think you can live with it after studying. You should have the thoughts that you are studying with the pace of technology development, understand the trend deeply. Refresh yourself constantly, one step at a time.

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